The Museum Speaks

Museums are our most communicative form of architecture, begging to teach, delight, inform or just mesmerize.

Whether a museum displays fine art, celebrity relics or the sweep of history as told by a collection of artifacts, the narrative built by a museum can be as powerful as an epic film and as rich and personal as poetry.

We love museums as a chance to create both narrative and image into a tightly woven fabric.


Harley-Davidson Museum
Voting Booth Project
Koch Institute Gallery
The Glass House
Kimbell Museum DFW
I Want to Take You Higher
Stay Cool
Sex in Design
Time Capsule 2000
Bausch & Lomb
Center for Creative Photography
Elvis is in the Building
The Power of Maps
John Bull & Uncle Sam
Designing the Taxi
American Museum of Natural History
Reinventing Grand Army Plaza
Kennedy Institute for the US Senate