Essays and Ideas

The essay is like a sketch for a painting. It's brief and quickly crafted...well, relatively quickly crafted.

And it might suggest a larger piece of more extensive development, but has the merit of standing alone in an era of famously short attention spans.

Essays may be the 'trailers' for larger pieces, but at their best they are the kind of trailer that spoils all the best parts of the movie. The ones you see and say, 'I think I just saw the whole movie.'


Happy Birthday to US
What is an Expo?
Why Small Houses (Still) Matter
Collapsible Bicycle Helmet
Technocrat Priest
The View from (Google) Earth
Love Letter to a Cantilever
10 Years After
Some Watches
I ♥ Pen(cil)s
The Greatest Grid
Vestige(s) of Empire
The Architecture of Identity
A Letter to George
Glass House Conversations The Glass House was radical beyond imagination in 1949, but if created today it might seem tame, or just another house in Dwell magazine... [more]
Monica Pidgeon 1913-2009
On Memory and Architecture Even the Futurists had to react against something; history, memory, the past, the present. While the artist may invent entirely new expressions, the architect is inextricably bound to memory. [more]
Architecture & Death
Morality & Architecture
Waffle House
Paperclips of Gold
The Importance of Public Space
How I Became a Designer
The Architecture of Identity II
Le Corbusier Le Cabanon on his birthday
Eileen Gray at 135
Goodbye MHT
Sol Lewitt, meet Emery Roth
Pictures of Pictures
Leaving Pentagram
Biber Architects moves...sideways
New Offices!
Goodbye Mesa Grill
Superbowl Stuff: The Locker Rooms