I ? Farnsworth

If you really love the Farnsworth House (and who doesn’t) it is time to put your money where your heart is and bid on this drawing. For a very good charitable cause, that is…

Architecture for Humanity asked a group of architects (including this Farnsworth devotee) to donate a drawing for their “I Love Architecture” benefit online auction. Some architects submitted a drawing of something they are working on, or just a drawing of something, and some created a response to the benefit theme.

There are many answers to their question “why do you love architecture?” but few are as satisfying to diagram as the Farnsworth House. The only issue for me was how to make it white and how to evoke the “less is more” ethic. With a single fat felt tip marker I was able to find the Farnsworth House hidden in a blank white piece of paper.

Just as Michelangelo (and I find it useful to quote, or invoke, Michelangelo whenever possible) said he found his sculpture within a block of marble by removing everything extra, I found the Farnsworth House by removing everything non-Farns-worthy. The subject is for me as iconic and devotional as anything Mike Angel crafted, and describes a worldview as completely as any religion. It may be glib to ascribe that kind of 360˚ philosophy to a simple house, especially a modern house in America, but this is no mere home. It connects the Petit Trianon to the Eames House to the Maison à Bordeaux. While it is uniquely Mies it is as universal as the mathematics.
If you don’t already love the Farnsworth house, get with it. Or get this drawing.

The auction will be over before you know it.
Don’t miss a chance to do something for a great cause, and get something terrific in exchange.