The design of the public areas; lobby, elevator cabs, and apartment hallways, for a new mid-rise apartment tower on the Upper West Side.

The lobby is constructed of black and white marble walls and a terrazzo floor giving it a monumental feeling in spite of its relatively small size. This feeling is accentuated by the floor pattern which is a color-coded plan of the neighborhood from Central Park (rendered in green) to Riverside Drive and from 81 Street to 96 Street. The location of the building is noted as are the names of all the avenues.

The Concierge desk is rendered as a building form in Mahogany and the mailbox unit is topped by a back-lit skyline of the city. The space is lit by custom designed lighting fixtures and enclosed by a steel and glass storefront.

The design recalls the grandeur of early modern lobbies from the 1920’s without resorting to representational details.