We admire cities as the highest expression, most efficient form and best integrated man-made artifacts in existence. We love cities as cauldrons of creativity and excitement.

When we build for the city we are building for the public in the public realm. Our responsibility is to add to the collective form and content of the city within the carefully proscribed rules of civil behavior, while advancing the state of the Art of the City.

  • Success Academy Hudson Yards

  • EXPO Milano 2015
    USA Pavilion

  • Dept. of Probation
    Resource Hubs

  • Brooklyn Library
    Brownsville Branch

  • Covello Senior Center

    Women in Need

  • CHAIRity

  • City Hall Park Reimagined

  • Success Academy
    Middle Schools

  • Success Academy
    High School

  • Fashion District
    Ideas Proposal

  • Downtown Alliance
    Telephone Booth

  • NYC's New Taxicabs
    and the Taxi Exhibit

  • Fashion Center Kiosk

  • Success and the 1%