Transactional spaces are more than simply places to buy the stuff of life. They can define the act of social engagement, or fantasy fulfillment or even define the objects themselves. They are at once the containers for modern life and the brands themselves.

Sometimes they act as large gift boxes, wrapping an experience in the most evocative packaging. Other times they become so engaged in the transaction that they become the experience.

  • James Beard House Boardroom

  • Food Truck Nation
    Expo Milano 2015

  • Pizza Vinoteca
    Union Square, NYC

  • Best Made Co. Shop at 36 White Street

  • Taco Bueno

  • Sullivan's Restaurant
    & Broadcast Lounge

  • Neuman & Bogdonoff
    New York

  • Mike's American
    Washington, DC

  • Mesa City
    New York

  • Judson Grill
    New York

  • Gotham Bar & Grill

  • Fortunoff
    Watch Boutique

  • The Good Diner
    New York

  • The Globe
    Restaurant, NYC

  • Bolo Restaurant
    New York

  • Intimacy Bra Fit

  • La Salsa
    Fresh Mexican Grill

    27 Days of Great Food

  • Mesa Grill