Talks on design and architecture are a fleeting pleasure. The enormous amount of work invested in the presentation usually culminates in a single presentation before a live audience; if you aren't there you will never see the talk.

Like a narrated 'slide show' we have reprised the talk online, where instead of a video of the actual performance we have created a narrated video of the content? We hope to give the myriad presentations we do a second life online.

We also want to use this space to bring any media that concerns us together in one place. That means videos we may have participated in, interviews we've given, etc. While we may cringe at seeing ourselves on camera sometimes, the hope is that you won't.

  • Association Technique
    Internationale des
    Bois Tropicaux
    Forum Milano 2015

  • Identity Crisis

  • The USA Pavilion
    at Expo 2015: a talk