What we do as architects sometimes crosses the line.

We design furniture and lighting, of course, but we also speculate on what might be. Competitions give us a chance to try out ideas, and products allow us to work with entirely different scales and processes. These are more than the exercises of a dilettante, they inform architecture by not being architecture.

Being better at architecture means doing more than architecture.

    an homage

  • The Voting Booth Project

  • Moleskine
    A Week in the Life

  • Float Park Avenue

  • Shadowplay
    Luceplan Project

    AIGA Boots Project

  • There It Begins
    Modern Views

  • WE, Wie, W/E
    Berlin Poster

  • Sketches of Rome

  • I ? Farnsworth

  • Fashion District
    Ideas Proposal

  • TKTS Booth

  • Grand Army Plaza
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Starbucks
    Ideas Proposal

  • Newark Gateways
    Newark, NJ

  • Vertical Zoo
    Buenos Aires, AR

  • White House Redux

  • European Solidarity
    Center, Gdansk PL

  • EXPO Milano 2015
    USA Pavilion

  • Wired Table

  • Warped Table

  • Riverways
    A Hudson Proposal

  • LH Drum Nightstands

  • Webbed Sofa

  • Nesting Bookstands

  • LH Filing Cabinet

  • Storage Shelves
    Book Shelves

  • LH Bed

  • PLAY Fabric
    Arizona Cardinals


  • 6 Heroes Memorial Park

  • Maplewood Memorial Library Proposal

  • Table Talk
    (or there is no Command-Z
    in woodworking)

  • Shipping with Solar Power

  • High Water Mark

  • Biber Architects: 5