The most recent UN Climate Report on our planet's health is incredibly frustrating and fills us with hopelessness. As we all begin to process this, while wild fires are raging and as more grim reports are released, we wonder "why is humanity attempting to commit suicide?" and "Why are some communities in denial about this situation?" For the believers, we start to wonder about how to engage these communities, how can they begin to empathize with the impact of this news? 

What if we create a symbol, a reminder of the impending doom, an experience that people can easily wrap their heads around. If you've ever been to an area that's been flooded locals will be happy to point out the flood's scar known as the high water mark. In lieu of waiting for climate change's scars we should highlight it. Let's create those scars on the NYC's bridges with three warnings, bad (yellow), worse (orange), and worst (red). Similar to our Defcon system, as things get better (hopefully) we'll start to erase/remove the red bar, then the orange, then eventually the yellow. Its a team effort, so if we do this in every city/town we could potentially motivate everyone to get their shit together and get things back to a green/blue level.