While we believe that our architecture is our art, it is really artful design. We solve problems and invent imagery and forms as a single exercise. We love the architecture we make, but it is always in service of others. That is why it is design.

Art provokes the audience while design gives it a level of comfort. Design is solution driven while art poses questions. Two sides of the same coin, perhaps, or two sides of the same brain.

Art allows us to define both the problems and the solutions.

    an homage

  • The Voting Booth Project

  • Moleskine
    A Week in the Life

  • Shadowplay
    Luceplan Project

    AIGA Boots Project

  • There It Begins
    Modern Views

  • WE, Wie, W/E
    Berlin Poster

  • Sketches of Rome

  • I ? Farnsworth