an homage

Two years after he died in a motorcycle accident, a benefit for the Jasper Van Der Hurd Art & Design Collective for Studio in a School includes a silent auction of artwork created by his friends.

We worked with Jasper and Christine Vanderhurd (and others at Vanderhurd Studio) for many years. In fact, Suzanne Holt, our coordinator and project manager, worked for Christine before coming to our office more than 10 years ago. So we feel very connected to the whole family.

Several years ago Jasper spent a summer at our upstate house, using it during the week and some weekends when we weren’t up there, and starting a series of art projects in our poolside shed.

But first, Jasper had to equip himself with all the tools of his art. Even before a single piece was constructed, Jasper had amassed the most amazing collection of power tools made by a German company called Festool. No one had even heard of Festool in those days, and he collected the beautifully packaged, perfectly engineered stacking set from Ebay purchases.

I identify with Jasper’s methods...this is how men start things.

Now Festool is a feature at the local hardware store and every weekend builder has a few of these, or covets them. But I will never be able to hear “Festool” without picturing Jasper.