Located at 152 West 52nd Street in the Equitable Building, Judson Grill is a glamorous dining room featuring a multi-cultural, modern American menu. The restaurant was named after the neighborhood’s former telephone exchange, Judson, which once meant “nightlife” to sophisticated New Yorkers. The area is still popular for elegant entertainment, and the new restaurant was designed to appeal to a discriminating clientele.

We were commissioned to update the existing space (formerly Sam’s), a large room with high vaulted ceilings and a mezzanine level, while incorporating several existing fixtures. The new design elements emphasize the room’s grandeur through a restricted use of color and architectural details placed in key locations. Deep mahogany accents and plush crimson banquettes are set off by charcoal gray carpeting and black and white table settings. Tall copper urns direct the eye upward into the soaring space and towards the specially commissioned series of vivid, six-foot-square murals by painter John Parks.

Judson Grill is a big, bold, refined space that allows intimate dining in a vibrant Manhattan setting.