When real estate was on a downward trend in NY (no, not 2008 but 1992) two young developers, one with a family history in diners, decided to open the Good Diner. Named and with graphics by Michael Bierut, the Good Diner was an assembly of elements from the same catalogs that all diners are furnished from; we simply chose the best of the offering.

Rather than settle on a single color we simply chose all of them. The linoleum floor was studded with quarter-sized stainless steel disks (the owners shuddered at using the less expensive actual quarters we recommended) and the hand cut logo design was inlaid at the front door. A railing spelling "GOOD" or perhaps GOOP and some art created in our xerox machine were the only design-y giveaways.

The project was so widely published, including the cover of the prestigious Graphis Magazine, that it briefly gained international fame. Visitors from faraway lands would call to see if they could visit the Good Diner; we always said yes...it was open 24 hours and took no reservations. It was a diner.