Sullivan's Restaurant
& Broadcast Lounge

The Ed Sullivan Theater was where Ed broadcast his show; where the Beatles were first shown to the US public; where Mick had to change the lyrics to "let's spend some time together"; where Topo Gigio made Ed seem almost human and where all those plates were spun for all those years. Before that Jackie Gleason used the theater and now David Letterman mans the stage.

The small bar next door, where the SNL cast used to celebrate after a show (I know, different network, but still...) and where I would meet friends when I worked at 57th and Fifth became the site of a grand experiment by Earl Geer of Hi Life Bar & Grill fame.

The restaurant expanded the bar space by taking over the dance studios above the marquee and we turned the whole space into a Sullivan/Gleason era watering hole and restaurant. Steak and Chop Suey was a theme and with the added performance space (curated by Paul Shafffer) it was, for a while, a place where you could imagine Frank, or Jackie, or Ed walking in at any moment.