In 2014 Biber Architects worked with Success Academy Charter School (SA) to design their first high school. Since creating the first high school Biber Architects has partnered with Success Academy to redesign their middle and elementary schools, creating a design along with guidelines that has been rolled out throughout the network. 

With the increased number of students, Success Academy also had the task of training and educating hundreds of teachers. So in 2016 Biber Architects was hired to design the first Success Academy Education Institute, also known as the Ed Institute. 

The Ed Institute is located in a shared building with a Success Academy Hudson Yards Elementary and Middle School on 41st Street and 10th Ave. The Institute is comprised of two large flexible lecture halls, meeting rooms that can be divided into various sizes to meet the program requirements, areas for breakout workshops, and offices for the Institute staff. The Ed Institute runs along the vertical axis through the building allowing for cross pollination to both the active elementary and middle schools. Due to the proximity of the Institute to the schools, educators are able to see how educational techniques are put into practice in the classrooms.

Through the Education Institute, Success Academy is able to educate it’s own teaching staff and nationally through online teaching models, therefore enabling more children to gain access to a great education.