Success and the 1%

Success Academy has demonstrated how kids (they call them Scholars) can excel in NYC public schools without regard to their socio-economic background. 

The New York State test scores are in and the results are simply inspiring: 

With scores in the top 1%, all 5 of the state's top schools in Math are Success Academy schools!

And with scores in the top 1.5%, 2 of the state's top 5 schools in English are Success Academy schools!

We are incredibly proud to be working with Success Academy making the physical environment live up to the educational environment. We look forward to the time when we can show with research how the classroom and school design works to make education more effective, but for now are happy just to be a small part of the success of Success.

With the school year starting in just weeks the newest classroom and school designs, for the Success Academy Elementary Schools, will be unveiled. Stay tuned for pictures, and enjoy the Middle School designs completed for the last academic year.

With Admiration,

Everyone at Biber Architects