Bausch & Lomb
Corporate Exhibition

Biber Architects, with Peter Harrision of Pentagram, designed the archival and corporate exhibits for the world headquarters of Bausch & Lomb, a 300,000 square foot complex designed by FXFowle Architects and situated in downtown Rochester, New York.

Corporate exhibits are located throughout the building and include selections from the company's extraordinary collections of historical eyewear, microscopes and lenses, as well as newly created interpretive exhibits. Each elevator lobby within the corporate offices has a multi-window set of themed displays set within (or defining) the wall facing the elevator doors.

Themes from the company's history "quality, invention, corporate citizenry and financial performance" form the core of the exhibition. Window vignettes range from intricate "Tiffany-window" displays to a forty-foot wall of rear-illuminated eyeglasses. At each floor, quotations are etched in dichroic glass (a B&L product) to inspire and instruct.

The exhibition is the first of its kind for B&L and the first time the company has properly catalogued, protected and databased its extensive collection.