Nate & Mitchell's
New York, NY

The beauty of NYC apartment living is the dream of one day of expanding into your neighbor’s apartment. 

It’s "apartment imperialism”!

Nate and Mitchell saw that opportunity and jumped on it. Nate heads palliative care at a major NYC hospital, and Mitchell is Chief Strategy Officer for the James Beard Foundation. Their home is on the one hand a respite from the most difficult parts of end-of-life medical care, and on the other a place of frequent entertainment, full time cooking and near constant dinner parties. 

The addition of the neighbor’s one bedroom apartment added a master suite (respite) and a much needed official “dining room” hosting large dinner parties of up to 14 people. The ceilings top out at 8’-0” but the plentiful natural light and two south facing terraces keep this apartment bright and sunny and connected to the outdoors. The warm, cozy, and colorful midcentury pallet and the clean and elegant details represent a little bit of both Nate and Mitchell. 

Our only hope is that we’re invited to more dinner parties and that they acquire the next door apartment to expand further!

Also a shout out to to SMR Craftworks for executing the project smoothly and painlessly!