027 Hydrate


Seems like everyone is carrying a water bottle (and yoga mat) around these days. But paying $2 for bottled water is insulting, wasteful (plastic trash) and never where you need them. Free water seems like another basic human need that the City could easily provide.

Italy has had this solved for a couple of thousand years; public drinking fountains that distribute the finest water for free. In Rome they are called Nasoni (for the big nose shape), in Milan they are Vedovelle (for the weeping sound that the running water makes, like crying widows…I know, Italy). And everywhere else all bottled water is a crowd priced 1 Euro.

NYC water is legendary, but no one wants even a hint of contamination (reasonable) from a public drinking fountain. And really, you should use your hands as a cup (your germs only) or fill a bottle or glass. We don’t want every drink to be a Obama-drinks-Flint-water challenge but solving the cleanliness issue seems simple.

Plus, think of the dogs (and see Save the Trees for the corollary!)