The design of the public areas; lobby, elevator cabs, and apartment hallways, for a new low-rise co-op apartment block on the Upper West Side.

The small lobby is enlivened with a collage of wood, metals, granite, and various custom lights, giving the tight space a feeling of activity and liveliness.

The mailbox counter and the reception desk are a combination of maple volumes and stainless steel shapes and lines. The wall is covered with a corrugated maple paneling, punctuated with brass fasteners. The ceiling is a star-like array of small halogen fixtures. The floor is a ‘Mondrian-esque’ pattern of white and black granite. Seating is a perforated metal bench hung over the lower lobby space, illuminated by the greenhouse at the rear of the lobby.

The lobby is a modern approach to the problem of public spaces, combing warmth, style and liveliness and resulting in a thoroughly enjoyable experience.