Plus One Fitness Clinic is a high technology, one-on-one training facility complete with physical therapy and orthopedic surgery staff on the premises. This 9,000 foot project includes 2,000 square feet of newly installed mezzanines organized as “buildings-within-a-building.” The interior facades of the mezzanines increase the apparent scale of the space and provide a billboard-size advertising image seen from the outside world. Enormous windows flood the interior spaces with light and allow views of the second level activity.

Clients enter at the lobby level area or climb the street level stair to the reception area. Physical therapy and orthopedic clients are directed to main floor facilities, while training clients proceed upstairs to one of the ten private changing rooms. Changing rooms are private bathrooms complete with showers, telephones and all necessary toiletries and accessories and are lit by interior windows facing the building windows.

The training floors are double-height spaces with state-of-the-art equipment and diagnostic facilities. Each of the three training areas is equipped for a different aspect of the training protocol. A separate quiet area under the administrative offices is provided for stretching, warm-ups and cool-downs.

The imagery of the facility is inspired, in part, by the training machines themselves: elegant mechanical devices clearly expressing their function and movement. The stairs, mezzanines, railings, door tracks, lighting fixtures and custom-made mirror stands and furniture express the mechanical strength and movement inherent in their functions. They are contrasted with the solid, stable volumes and planes which form the enclosing walls and floors.

The project is a complex set of images and forms woven together into a highly functional machine for complete fitness.

Plus One Fitness Clinic received Honorable Mention in the New York State Association of Architects/AIA Design Award Program.