Though sitting on a spectacular site, the house made no reference to its incredible views. The previous interior was cluttered, with rooms chopped up and decorated in the “Laura Ashley” style. For the gut renovation, Biber Architects opened up the rooms to take advantage of the unobstructed views, and brought natural materials into the furnishings to connect the home with its surroundings.

We removed a floor in the main room, creating a soaring two-story space that becomes the center of the house. The double-height of the room complements the vertical view outside -- the sky and the mountains above, down into the creek and valley below -- now visible through a bay window that fills the room’s entire south wall. Rooms and views were also added elsewhere; for instance, an octagonal master bath tower with windows on five of its sides.

We also connected the house to the ever-present mountains and dramatic surroundings by bringing natural materials such as iron, wood, and stone inside in rough and natural forms. Remilled antique wood floors and natural stone interiors were installed in rooms, and custom furnishings were designed that utilized a range of locally available materials. In the main room, a new timber and ironwork staircase was built to the second level, and log wood trusses support the ceiling. Multicolor stained wood cabinetry has been installed in the kitchen, and natural stone walls surround the tub. Monumental stone fireplaces, hand-made iron fireplace screens, a carved stone sink, and a basket weave wood door are some of the pieces designed for the house.

Local craftsmen with traditional talents in glass, masonry, ironwork and woodworking were hired to make a variety of custom pieces. The couple collects art, much of it in the “outsider” or folk craft style; this sensibility is duplicated in work by local artisans. Custom designed furniture and lighting, by the architects and by various local artists, fill the house with a sense of place.

We also renovated the house exterior. Originally covered in gray clapboard, it is now clad in large log siding. A new columned porch was built, and new windows complete the exterior renovations.

The new home design successfully brings the outside world into the house, better integrates the building with its surroundings, and makes the most of its spectacular environment.

We previously designed a loft in Soho and a home in Westport, CT for the clients.