The luxury home market, especially the modern luxury home market, can be a treacherous territory. There is an enormous untapped market, but new custom homes that don't require a complete leap of faith and years of patience (not to mention a bottomless wallet) are rare.

Buyers can shop for an existing home, usually not satisfying the deep desire to make something of one's own, or start on a new house which is a long, difficult process starting with purchasing the land, picking an architect, trusting that architect, working for months on the perfect house then finding out that the perfect house costs three times your budget. Even if you make it this far, finding the builder, filing with the town, building and finally occupying your home can take 2-3 years, or more. Not exactly a process made for modern timeframes or short attention spans.

HAUS. is a different approach, developed with IMAESTRI, the international developer of luxury homes in Europe and the US. HAUS. is just that; a system designed for the Hamptons that can be almost infinitely reshaped to create the perfect home within a carefully defined system of spaces, materials, size and cost.

HAUS. takes much of the risk out of building, without resorting to house systems that are prefab, limited in sophistication, or not suited for the inside/outside living style. The results represent a known quality and cost (based on the yet-to-be-built model home), achievable in a short time frame (pre-engineered and filed with local authorities) on a piece of land selected for the HAUS.

Most important, HAUS. is shaped to merge the inside and outside into a seamless living experience not easily achieved in the northeast, based on ideas developed for the first truly modern American homes; the Case Study Houses. While not aimed at the low cost market, as the original Case Study Houses, the spirit of these homes is alive in the simple, well-planned, rigorous yet spacious HAUS.

These are livable modern homes that embody luxury, individuality and a gracious living style without the risk and stress of the custom home process.

HAUS. is being developed for an international market, with the first built version expected to begin in 2018.